Shurlaw Partners is very well practiced in providing relevant and custom–tailored financial and banking advice as well as providing wide ranging advice on tax in domestic and international commercial operations. Our services in the financial sector include secured, unsecured, multi-currency and syndicated lending arrangements. And our services are well available to financial institutions, local and foreign investors, lenders and corporate borrowers, financial advisers, underwriters etc.

Services for Policyholders

We passionately support the payment of genuine claims to honest policyholders. We work closely with our clients to provide strategic advice before a dispute arises and, if required, help resolve their Insurance coverage disputes. We are able to assist with insurance disputes when a claim is declined in full or part by assessing the situation and providing advice on the underlying merits of the claim against an Insurer. As a result, we are able to provide efficient, cost effective services combined, when appropriate.


Services for Brokers

The broker is most commonly the “agent” of the insured, in the principal/agent sense, and it is within this relationship that most claims arise against the broker. A broker can be sued under several theories, including breach of contract, fraud or misrepresentation; but the most common assertion is common law negligence. Whatever the case may be, we ensure that an insurance agent who has exercised reasonably the duty of skill and care required is protected by the law.


Services for Insurers

Shurlaw lawyers represent and serve as counsel to insurers in mediations, arbitrations, trials, and appeals in the full range of coverage disputes nationally and internationally. Our experience includes coverage issues arising out of losses relating to insurance products and other professional liability claims of various types. We have extensive experience in advising and assisting insurers on a wide range of corporate, regulatory, and other commercial and transaction activities.


Services for Regulators

Insurance is characterized as a business of such concern to the public as a whole that it is subject to governmental regulation to protect the public’s interests. Therefore, the fundamental purpose of the Insurance Regulatory is to protect the public as insurance consumers and policyholders by licensing and regulating insurance companies and others involved in the insurance industry. This may also involve monitoring and preserving the financial solvency of insurance companies