Shurlaw Partners’ focus on Insurance has not reduced its expertise and experience in other law related subjects such as:-

Capital Market & Securities

Our primary areas of engagement in the Nigerian capital market includes Global Depositary Receipts (GDR) Offers, Initial and general public offers for sale or subscription, Rights Issues, Government Bonds, Debts/Loan Stock Issues and Private Placement transactions, generally advising in varied transaction structures and preparation of the transaction documents. Shurlaw Partners will be vitally involved in advising clients towards smart and efficient dealing with the capital markets. We are engaged in the preparation of prospectuses, underwriting and vending agreements, placement memoranda, Rights circulars, securities instruments such as Trust Deeds and Debentures and issuing general advice with full alertness of our legal responsibility and expectations to comply with the relevant statutes.

Corporate Secretarial & Corporate Governance

Shurlaw Partners is well adept in company secretarial matters across commercial concerns in varied sectors of the country’s economy. We offer our Corporate Secretarial and Corporate Governance services as well as succinct advice within the ambits of commercial law to both local and international clients, corporate investors and financial institutions.

In specifics, we are engaged in company formation and ensure compliance with relevant regulatory regimes for establishing business in Nigeria. Furthermore, beyond the formation and establishment of companies in Nigeria, our company secretarial involvement extends to the attendance of board, and shareholders meetings, filing of requisite returns at the relevant regulatory bodies, and other nominee arrangements etc.

Our expertise as a corporate commercial team enables us to represent and deliver innovative and practical legal solutions within a diverse and extensive array of corporate and business interests.

Employment and Labour

Shurlaw Partners is also relevantly positioned in the vicinity of employment and labour practice. The predominant aim is to express sheer skill in reaching a win/win result in negotiating and dealing with the demands of employees and/or trade union regulations. We are also engaged in other issues of labour and employment such as private sector pension schemes and retirement benefits; employment contracts and employment contracts and employment protection.

Finance, Tax and Banking

Shurlaw Partners is very well practiced in providing relevant and custom–tailored financial and banking advice as well as providing wide ranging advice on tax in domestic and international commercial operations. Our services in the financial sector include secured, unsecured, multi-currency and syndicated lending arrangements. And our services are well available to financial institutions, local and foreign investors, lenders and corporate borrowers, financial advisers, underwriters etc.

Routinely updated on regulations, we proffer solutions on compliance with banking and financial regulatory legislation.

Our team includes financial experts carefully selected on the basis of their excellent academic qualification and international exposure.

Foreign Investment & Divestment

Shurlaw Partners provides relevant information and advice to clients on compliance with the varied requirements for setting up a business in Nigeria. Some of which include obtaining business permit, expatriate quota allocation, certificate of capital importation confirming capital inflow, others could include pioneer status, and sometimes depending on the peculiarities of the business ventures such as circumstances where companies are set up to carry out specific government projects, we facilitate the procurement of the relevant approvals for the exemption from incorporation, or  eligibility for tax holidays in circumstance where such is applicable such as carrying on business in the Free Trade Zones or Exporting Processing Zones of Nigeria. Such as the ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA), the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), and the Nigerian Investment Promotion Corporation (NIPC) for desiring foreign investors in Nigeria seeking to enter into partnership either for long term or for short term specific business goals, Shurlaw Partners is the preferred practice in engaging in negotiations and preparation of Joint Venture Agreements as well as technical and other service/operations contracts.

Real Estate & Intellectual Property

We are established in proffering competitive advice to financial institutions, investors, developers, construction companies and individual clients on all aspects of real property laws, including acquisition development, maintenance, sales, mortgages and lease. Shurlaw Partners has a healthy network of other professionals in the industry. Keeping abreast of the erratic regulatory framework, local custom, financial requirements and risk of repossession, particularly since the wake of the global financial crisis, we provide unassailable and full proof advice and representation in all aspects of property law.

We also champion the practice of intellectual and industrial property to ensure the adequate protections of ideas, concepts, trade secrets, trademarks, know-how, patent-rights, operating plans and transfer of technology as well as other industrial processes that may fall into the ambits of tangible or intangible property. It follows therefore that we enthusiastic players in the fields of obtaining the registration of trademarks, patents, designs and inventions and in protecting trade names, copyright, franchises and licenses.